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If you play poker online, you have certainly been exposed to a new generation of 3rd party poker software,". If you are just learning about this software now, you came to the right place, because if you are not using anything yet, chances are your opponents are using it on you. That in itself is reason to learn about such tools for your own game and protection.

The types of poker software available to online players is self analysis software (SAS) which helps you improve your game through reviewing mass amounts of hand data you save and store on your computer. Then there is database tracking software which borderlines on black-hat operative collecting of your opponents stats. Most poker sites have rules against this, and a few are quite judicial in carrying out that restriction. Then finally, we have Poker Calculators, the most popular kind of poker assist software which offers odds, draws and profiling information.

There are also different types of poker calculators classified as operative, mathematical, and empirical. Of these, suffice to say that empirical poker calculators are the only ones you should be considering, since they are legal, easy to use, and also offer profiling information on your opponents when playing online poker.

When deciding which poker software tool you will use, it is important to be able to trust the reputation of the programmers and how long they have been around. The best products are backed by companies with a reputation that can work with the poker sites so as to not violate their terms of use yet build reliable, accurate and useful poker calculators for their users.

Poker Ethics and Rules When Using Poker Software and Poker Odds Calculators.

Are they unethical to use? For the most part, not really. It just brings you up to speed with the poker professionals and mathematical geniuses who have this information in their head and use it make key probability decisions all the time.

Some of these programs are frowned upon by the online poker sites but most of the poker software programs that have been around for awhile are designated by the poker sites as approved for use. If you are ever in doubt about if a piece of software may be "black-hat" and against a poker site's TOS, just ask yourself if the software is offering you information about an opponent you have never played against. If the answer is yes, be prepared to be playing at your own risk.

poker software reviews rating system.

poker software review

Product is up to date, operates smoothly, has at least MOST of the key features in its class and offers at least good product support.

poker calculators

Product may not be up to date, but operates smoothly, has some valuable features, and offers some customer service.

software for online poker

Product is out of date, has programming or compatibility issues and/or little or no service support.

online poker assist software

Product is limited in its features, and may include spy-ware or database pirating. System may be at risk.


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Poker software review quotes:

Online poker hasn't really been around for too long, maybe a decade or so, but as soon as it was, clever programmers were thinking about designing online poker software tools that could not only produce a winning edge for a player, but stretch the meaning of fair play.

Well the best poker software tools have survived an era of audacious claims made by many fly-by-nighters. Poker software like Poker Tracker, Holdem Manager and Tournament Indicator have achieved real staying and power market share largely due to following the rules set out by online poker rooms such as Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars, yet they have displayed evidence of creating clear advantages for those who use the tracking software. From the Poker software blog.